The small environment of the homes in the Kinsmen Village enable staff and residents to respond to specific cultural preferences.   One of the houses is specifically for residents of Ukrainian descent.  Residents and staff share in culturally specific activities including the celebration of Ukrainian Christmas and Easter.  Residents are able to enjoy cultural foods such as varenyky, cabbage rolls and borscht.  The celebration of Ukrainian Christmas includes foods such as boiled wheat with honey and poppy seeds.

Many staff who work in the Ukrainian house are able to speak the Ukrainian language which helps them connect and build relationships with the residents.  The houses are decorated with Ukrainian art and other meaningful cultural artifacts.

Residents in the Ukrainian house have a strong link with their community.  Ukrainian community groups come in to make braided bread, buns and decorate traditional Easter eggs with the residents and staff.

The cultural atmosphere really helps residents maintain a sense of belonging and connection to their Ukrainian roots.