Sherbrooke has several neighbourhoods designed specifically for residents living with dementia. 

Skilled staff trained to work with challenging behaviors related to the dementia process work in the memory care areas.   Consistent, permanent staff work in each neighbourhood helping to nurture relationships with residents and families.
There are music, recreation and occupational therapy groups that provide stimulation for residents.  Spiritual care is designed to meet the specific needs of residents living with dementia, often with services occurring right in the neighbourhood.

Residents enjoy secured garden areas in Reminiscent Way and patio spaces on Paradise Cove and Prairie Lane.  Residents participate in indoor and outdoor gardening.  Many of the memory care neighbourhoods have live-in animals including birds, cats and dogs.  Children come and play in the neighbourhoods, do crafts and have fun with the residents.

Plants and gardening are an important part of life for many residents in these neighbourhoods giving them opportunities to connect with the earth, to plant flowers and watch plants grow, to smell scents from geraniums, tomatoes and roses, those smells that still can evoke memories. 

Baking is another activity that can bring many pleasurable moments into the lives of residents.  The smell of bread or cookies baking, the chance to get one’s hands in flour and dough, the opportunity to make food that others can enjoy is important for self esteem and creates a more home like atmosphere for everyone.

There are regular neighbourhood meetings where families, residents and staff are encouraged to participate in development of the community.