To everything there is a season…

When someone close to us dies, we have many reactions, grief, sadness and ultimately an appreciation of their life and good memories of the special times in your lives. Memorial giving can be a meaningful way to honour the person who has died.

A memorial gift is a wonderful way to remember someone and at the same time give the gift of quality of life to those who remain at Sherbrooke.

Memorial gifts to Sherbrooke may honour a loved one, resident or staff member. The gift may reflect the belief held by the deceased regarding the importance of bringing quality to the lives of residents or support for the Eden Alternative at Sherbrooke. Although Sherbrooke is funded through Sask Health, capital needs including construction and equipment must be funded through donations. Our Foundation office will discuss memorial giving with you and provide assistance with your deliberations.

If you would like to give a gift in memory of someone who has lived or worked at Sherbrooke please check our online giving option on this site or email who will refer your request to the Sherbrooke Foundation for follow-up. You can also send your donation to the Sherbrooke Foundation at 401 Acadia Drive, Saskatoon, Sk. Canada S7H 2E7.

Sherbrooke Memorial Garden Program

Trees are an important symbol for Sherbrooke. The tree is the symbol of the Eden Alternative ™ philosophy, which is the cornerstone of Sherbrooke's mission, to provide an environment that enables residents to live full and abundant lives.

The life cycle of the tree is also an important metaphor for the cycle of life from birth, childhood, maturity, and death. There is no more fitting tribute for Sherbrooke residents than a designated tree or bush in our award winning gardens.

Frequently families ask about the opportunity to select an existing tree, shrub or other item to be dedicated in memory of a loved one who lived at Sherbrooke. We also offer opportunities to plant a new tree or shrub in memory of a loved one.

If you are interested in designating or purchasing a tree, shrub or piece of furniture to commemorate a special event in the life of a resident, we would be happy to discuss this with you.

How Do I Get Involved?

Please contact Brenda Craig.  Brenda will forward your request to the Sherbrooke Foundation for follow-up. The Foundation will contact you about the details or answer any questions you might have about the program.

What Kind of Recognition Can I Expect?

A memorial service is held two times a year, to honour those residents who have passed away and to recognize those friends and relatives who have contributed to the Memorial Tree program. Each planting or piece of furniture will be identified by a number and charted on a site map so the item dedicated to your loved one can be identified. Donors will also be included on our donor wall.

What is the cost of honouring my family member through the Memorial Tree Program?

Dedicated Item *Donation
Large Fir/Spruce Tree $1,000
Medium Fir/Spruce Tree $ 500
Small Fir/Spruce Tree $ 275
Large Deciduous Tree $ 300
Medium Deciduous Tree $ 250
Small Deciduous Tree $ 200
Bushes $ 75 & up
Planters $ 200
Small Raised Resident Garden Boxes $ 150
Large Raised Resident Garden Boxes $ 250
Stand-Up Gardens $2,000
Benches $ 125
Christmas Tree Lighting (outside) $ 760

*Prices are subject to change
*Installment payments for items over $500 are possible.

For further information about this and other giving options through the Sherbrooke Foundation please call 1-306-655-3602, fax: 1-306-655-3690, or email Brenda Craig.

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