Meet John

This former professor finds a nurturing, supportive environment in the Art Studio

His Story


John Clark is a Community Day Program Participant, and a former English professor at the University of Saskatchewan. A jazz enthusiast, who also enjoys classical music, John is a cultured man, and although he lives alone and is somewhat isolated as a result, he enjoys being part of the Sherbrooke community. John is a published author and has written several books of poetry. He brings to Sherbrooke a wealth of knowledge and interests that enhances our world.

At Sherbrooke, John has the opportunity to pursue a new creative endeavour by spending quality time in the Art Studio. The studio provides a nurturing, supportive environment, and offers more than a place to paint and draw, but also gives real opportunities for creative expression. Avery, the artist-in-residence, provides a vital link for John to re-engage in the life of the community and to make new friends. John’s knowledge and experience makes him a valuable asset and a respected member of the community.

Welcome to Sherbrooke Community Centre

Ours is a community of people with normal aspirations, dreams and a desire to live life to the fullest.

Saskatoon’s Sherbrooke Community Centre is a warm and welcoming place: there are 263 Residents, 100 Community Day Program Participants, 500 volunteers, families, friends, students, pets, and over 500 staff. Like any small town, ours is a community of people with aspirations, dreams, and a desire to live life to the fullest. At Sherbrooke, Residents work, play, shop, worship, paint, garden, sing, dance, and volunteer. We have many stories to share about our lives, so feel free to stop by for a visit and meet some of the people who call Sherbrooke home. And don’t be surprised if Murphy or Calamity Jane, a couple of the working dogs, tries to wrangle a treat!


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