Meet Dave

Dave Harder is living life to the fullest at Sherbrooke and challenges you to keep up!

His Story


Whether it’s painting in the Creative Arts Studio, swimming laps in the pool or working out in the physiotherapy gym, Dave Harder always has a smile on his face. Dave has worked incredibly hard while living at Sherbrooke to improve his physical and cognitive well-being and is grateful to his care staff and physiotherapists for all of their help. Now, that gratitude won’t stop Dave from slipping in the occasional joke about your height (he’s a really tall guy) but he is always appreciative of the supports offered to him at Sherbrooke. We are all so proud of you, Dave!

Welcome to Sherbrooke Community Centre

Ours is a community of people with normal aspirations, dreams and a desire to live life to the fullest.

Saskatoon’s Sherbrooke Community Centre is a warm and welcoming long term care home: there are 263 Residents, 100 Community Day Program Participants, 500 volunteers, families, friends, students, pets, and over 500 staff. Like any small town, ours is a community of people with aspirations, dreams, and a desire to live life to the fullest. At Sherbrooke, Residents work, play, shop, worship, paint, garden, sing, dance, and volunteer. We have many stories to share about our lives, so feel free to stop by for a visit and meet some of the people who call Sherbrooke home. And don’t be surprised if Murphy or Calamity Jane, a couple of the working dogs, tries to wrangle a treat!


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