Meet Todd

The Moving On Program gave him the skills he needed to overcome his brain injury.

His Story


Todd Marcoux grew up on a grain and cattle farm near Viscount along with his six sisters and six brothers. As a young man, Todd enjoyed playing baseball and hockey, and in 1974, when he was only 14 years old, he moved to Calgary to live with his sister while he played hockey there. Some time later, he moved back to Saskatoon to start a career in construction.

But Todd’s life changed dramatically in December 1980 when the truck he was travelling in hit black ice and collided, head on, with an oncoming vehicle. Todd’s younger brother was killed and Todd sustained very serious injuries.

Todd originally came to Sherbrooke through the Moving On Program, and then joined the Community Day Program in January 2006. Todd says his favourite part of the Community Day Program is the socialization, and all the friends he has made. He is an active participant in the art room, likes to play pool, and has been taking guitar lessons from Sherbrooke’s music therapist Candace.

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