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An Elder at Sherbrooke is interchangeable with the terms resident and care partner. We define an Elder as someone who, by virtue of life experience, is here to teach us and is deserving of our respect. By definition, being an Elder has little to do with age, there are many younger people living at Sherbrooke.

Another word we often use is Care Partner. The Care Partner concept implies a balance of care, an acknowledgment that opportunities to give as well as receive care are abundant and experienced by everyone involved in the care relationship. The term Care Partner evens the playing field, as it is often easy to get trapped in a one dimensional experience of the caring relationship. Care Partners include: Elders/Residents, families, staff, volunteers and students. In the Eden Alternative ® we believe that words make worlds. Language is important for real culture change to occur.

Elders/Residents have control over their daily lives, and play an active role in directing the organization. Using the Eden Alternative ® as a guide, we offer residents varied experiences and a vibrant human habitat.


The Sherbrooke Nursing Home opened in 1966, thanks to the vision and leadership of R. B. (Bob) Beavis. The Beavis family set high standards for Elder care, laying the groundwork for the nursing home to become the Sherbrooke Community Centre in 1972.


Board of Directors

The Sherbrooke Board of Directors includes two representatives from each of our sponsoring churches, four people elected from the membership of the society, one Resident of the centre, and five representatives from the membership.


Residents’ Council

The Residents and Family Council was established so that Residents, Community Day Program Participants, and families would have increased influence and control over their daily lives and the direction of the organization.



Since its inception, Sherbrooke has led the way as an innovative long term care home. We have many firsts under our belt in the Saskatoon Health Region, in Saskatchewan, and in Canada as a whole. We’ve also implemented many unique programs and services, and won several prestigious awards.


Community Partners

Sherbrooke is always looking for opportunities to give residents the chance to experience the Saskatoon cultural and sports scene, and to spark creativity through visits from artists and musicians. We partner with many different groups to give our Residents these wonderfully “every day” experiences.


Corporate Partners

The incredible commitment of our donors and supporters from the business and professional community has helped us earn our reputations as and an international centre of excellence; a home that provides Residents and Community Day Program Participants with opportunities to live full and abundant lives.


Spirit of Sherbrooke

Presented annually, the Spirit of Sherbrooke Award recognizes the recipient’s spirit and love of people, and their ability to work with others, to be supportive of co-workers, and to apply the Eden Alternative ® principles in approaching decisions that affect the quality of life of Residents.


Central Haven Special Care Home

Central Haven Special Care Home is a faith-based organization with a small, close-knit community, including 75 caring staff and over 30 dedicated volunteers. Next door, Central Place offers 26 independent living suites.


Eden Alternative ® is a registered trademark, and Sherbrooke Community Centre is a registered Eden Alternative ® home. Learn more at edenalt.org.


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