Board of Directors

The affairs of the Sherbrooke Community Society Inc which includes Sherbrooke Community Centre and Central Haven Special Care Home are entrusted to a board of directors comprised of two representatives from each of the sponsoring churches – Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Mennonite, and United – as well as one representative from the Mennonite Brethren, five representatives from the membership, and two representatives who are members of the Residents’ Council.

Living at Sherbrooke and being a member of this community has helped me grow as a person. Having friends in all the different areas makes for full days filled with good conversations and fellowship. From special care aides and nurses, to managers, kitchen staff, therapies, housekeeping and maintenance, and volunteers, the people here make our lives full and interesting. Everyone in our community works hard to make our lives brighter and happier, and that is an awesome thing. On behalf of the Residents Council, I would like to say thank you to the staff of Sherbrooke Community Centre for making Sherbrooke a home for everyone who lives, works, and visits here. It truly is the best place to live and work. We are family.

Ross McKay

Every day I see love and kindness in our community and I know that you will get a healthy dose of it if you spend time here. Our pastor Mark Trew wrote an article recently for Home Fires, our community newsletter, and in it he said that one of the things that most impressed him in his first year at Sherbrooke was the love and friendship shown by everyone in the community to each other.

Sherbrooke and Central Haven are communities of riches. We are blessed with loving, caring staff, generous volunteers, and families that show their support and love every day to Residents and Participants. In turn, Residents and Participants teach us about courage, and they bless us with their memories, their ideas, their humour, and their hugs. As I walk through the halls and hear stories from families, staff, and Residents, I see and hear the most amazing things. I see a real community that works together to make life full and abundant for everyone. We are lucky people. I am grateful for every person who lives, visits, and works here. Each of you is unique in your own way and integral to the success of our home and the life here.

We are all “world makers” for the Elders who live at Sherbrooke and Central Haven and the Participants who come to the day program on a daily basis. What a wonderful world this community of amazing people has created. Thank you for the joy you bring and thank you for sharing your lives and passions with our Elders. We consider our work to be sacred and are blessed to be in a position to serve. We work every day to make Sherbrooke and Central Haven the best places to live and work and we invite you to join us on this incredible journey.

Suellen Beatty

As Chair of the Board of Directors I am honoured and privileged to be part of this world class organization. I and my fellow board members are confident that we are moving in the right direction; in fact we believe we are leading the way. We have worked hard to change the culture at Sherbrooke and Central Haven and we believe we are a respectful and loving organization, and that belief is supported by the positive results from our Annual Warmth and Employee Engagement Surveys. No place is perfect but every day we work hard to be better, and the board has full confidence in our leadership group and our outstanding staff and volunteers to deliver on the promise to be the best place to live and work.

At Sherbrooke and Central Haven we are guided by a powerful mission. To our Elders and their families, staff, volunteers, and our donors and supporters, the mission is not just a nice statement posted on a wall, it is a living, breathing philosophy that governs our actions and gives us the tools we need to make a difference in people lives.

Sherbrooke Community Society Inc. is an organization founded by five churches – Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Mennonite, and United – and our board members represent those faith groups. We believe strongly that service and giving back is essential to a healthy community. We recognize that our world is changing and that our community, both inside and outside Sherbrooke, is becoming more diverse. We welcome that diversity and believe we are well poised as we move
into the future to provide the best possible care and services with the Eden Alternative philosophy as our foundation.

Denard Lynch

Eden Alternative® is a registered trademark, and Sherbooke Community Centre is a registered Eden Alternative® home. Learn more at


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