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Welcome to Central Haven!

Central Haven Special Care Home is a small, close-knit community with 60 Residents, 50 caring staff and over 30 dedicated volunteers. Next door, Central Place offers 26 independent living suites for members of the Saskatoon community.

At Central Haven, the Resident always comes first; we believe Elder-directed care is essential for a good quality of life. Our Resident and family councils meet on a regular basis in order to offer support, communication, education, and advocacy by giving members the ability to address overall community concerns and projects.

Central Haven is a faith-based organization, though all people who require the level of care provided are welcome, regardless of their cultural or faith traditions. We stay true to our history by including representation on the Sherbrooke Community Society Inc. Board of Directors from the Mennonite Brethren – the founders of Central Haven.

There has always been a strong sense of community at Central Haven, but since we started following the Eden Alternative ® in 2006, an exciting culture change journey is underway.

By enhancing communication, critical thinking, and problem solving with staff closest to the Elder, we are creating a culture of safety for both staff and Residents. We employ the gentle persuasive approach: we never force care, and we encourage staff to be good detectives by trying to determine unmet needs. An unmet need is often the cause of protective or altered responses.

We also encourage staff to be authentic and genuine. Connecting with the person we are caring for builds relationships and trust. We encourage staff to be aware of and understand the Eden Alternative ® Domains of Well-Being, which are identity, growth, autonomy, security, connectedness, meaning, and joy, further engaging staff in knowing and respecting the people they care for.

Thanks to approaches such as these, Central Haven has a low incidence of psychotropic medication use, which gives Residents greater opportunities to enjoy their families and friends.

Healthy staff is important for our Residents, as well as for our own families, our life outside work, and for the community as a whole, so we are working to reduce sick time and time lost time through accidents.

Opened in the 1970s, Central Haven is an older building, and we are working hard to update the infrastructure. We are currently in the process of raising funds to replace the flooring at Central Haven, and we have more plans for upgrades in the future.


In the 1960s, Central Mennonite Brethren Church purchased the 1000 block property on Avenue I between 31st and 32nd Street with the intention of relocating their church, and using some of the property for a nursing home.

They envisioned a senior citizens’ home where Elders could live with people with similar convictions and backgrounds, where they could enjoy familiar foods, and where they would be cared for by a staff motivated by Christian love and devotion.

In April 1975, the Central Haven Senior Citizens’ Apartments opened with 20 self-contained suites, and on Dec. 1, 1976, Central Haven Personal Care Home admitted its first Residents. At that time, Residents were chosen on the basis of need from the congregation and from the community.

Since 1976, we have become an affiliate member of the Saskatoon Health Region, with admissions now processed through Client Patient Assessment Services.

On Dec. 1, 2006, Sherbrooke Community Centre became responsible for the management of Central Haven. At that time, Central Haven adopted the Eden Alternative ® philosophy, resulting in a major culture change for the organization.

Please see our Calendar of Events to stay updated on life here at Central Haven.


1020 Avenue I North Saskatoon, SK S7L 2H7 306-844-4040 facebook.com/CentralHaven


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