iGen, Intergenerational Classroom

Intergenerational Learning

iGen is designed to provide close and continuing contact between Elders in long term care and school-aged children over the period of one school year. The conversations and activities that elders and children engage in will enhance the learning that happens through relationships in the home of the Elders.

What is iGen?

  • Saskatoon Public Schools Grade 6 classroom located in Sherbrooke Community Centre
  • Twenty-four students selected to attend iGen through an application process
  • iGen Classroom will be affiliated with École College Park
  • Applicants from all Saskatoon Public Schools are invited
  • One teacher delivers/administers the program in partnership with Sherbrooke staff and residents
  • Transportation to/from school provided by the families of the children who attend
  • iGen occupies a classroom space in Sherbrooke Community Centre as well as having an available classroom space at École College Park


  • Teacher Keri, student Mya, parent Tanya, and Elder Jodi talk about the impact of iGen on their lives at the 2015/2016 SPSD opening:

Why join iGen?

  • Grade 6 students in iGen learn through doing activities with one another and the Elders at Sherbrooke. There is a mutual sharing of values and the two generations serve and support one another.
  • Sherbrooke Community Centre is a human habitat. There is an art studio, greenhouse, outdoor environmental learning centre, gift shop, cafeteria, chapel, butterfly garden, childcare center, and many other areas where volunteer and learning activities take place.
  • There are more opportunities for our young people to interact with engaged adults on a one-to-one basis.
  • iGen students spend their days at Sherbrooke Community Centre but still have access to services at the affiliate school.
  • The Grade 6 curriculum required by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education is taught in an integrated way through inquiry projects.
  • Students engage in authentic “Literacy for Life” practices as they form relationships with peers, themselves and adults. Some examples include: expressive daily journaling, receptive listening and viewing, seeking answers to questions, shared use of technology and meaningful practice of language and literacy skills with Elders.
  • Students are motivated through authentic assessment and regular feedback from a variety of adults.
  • Students learn through place-based education; the whole Sherbrooke home and the broader community is their classroom.
  • Grade 6 students have the opportunity to learn with a variety of mentors through programming at Sherbrooke. They may be found working with an artist in the art studio, studying writing with a Masters student, conversing with Pharmacy and Social Work students who are also learning communication skills, assisting in the gift shop, or preparing a garden plot with an Elder.

Who might be interested?

  • Grade 6 students who are open to an experience which is based on forming relationships with elders (elder is a term used to describe the residents of Sherbrooke; an elder is someone who is deserving of our respect and is here to teach us)
  • Grade 6 students who are interested in becoming part of a community which offers diverse places, spaces, and interactions for learning
  • Grade 6 students who have an interest in community and global projects and are inspired by service work opportunities such as “Me to We”

iGen will be accepting student applications for the new school year.

Please see the Saskatoon Public Schools iGen website for more information and to download the required documents.


Sherbrooke Community Centre
401 Acadia Drive, Saskatoon, SK S7H 2E7
telephone 306.655.3600

Saskatoon Public Schools
310-21st Street East, Saskatoon, SK S7K 1M7
telephone 306.683.8200

A Partnership between Sherbrooke Community Centre and Saskatoon Public Schools

iGen Tour Writeups of Sherbrooke Community Centre


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