Care and Services

Sherbrooke started the culture change journey in 1988, and with the discovery of the Eden Alternative ® philosophy in 1998, a total transformation began. Since that time, we have developed a mission that is reflected in our culture, and a set of principles and values that guide us on our journey.

We encourage our staff and volunteers to bring their passions to work so that every day we are building an interesting world for the Elders we love and support. We encourage friends and families to be participating members of this Resident-directed community, and we are blessed to have children and pets as part of a human habitat full of variety and spontaneity.

The most important role for staff and volunteers is to build relationships, so that every person living or coming to Sherbrooke is well-known and is treated with respect, dignity, and loving kindness.

Spiritual Care

At Sherbrooke, all beliefs are honoured and respected. Ours is a diverse community and each member of the community has the right and opportunity to worship in their own way and to benefit from the spiritual care and support that is so much a part of the Sherbrooke community. Our organization is founded by five sponsoring churches, which are represented on our Board of Directors.



We offer Residents occupational, physical therapy, and music therapy to help them with a wide range of challenges, which enables Elders to be more independent, to maximize physical challenges, and to provide support to Elders with cognitive and mental health issues. The therapies are an important tool in both maintaining and improving physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being.


Memory Care

Those community members living with dementia require individualized care, and we have three neighbourhoods in the Marleau/Wyant Residence and two houses in the village that can best meet their needs.


Palliative Approach to Care

As a values-based organization, we are guided by our mission and vision as we strive to provide care that is sensitive, responds to the wishes of the Elder and his or her family, and assists the individual person as they move away from curative to comfort care in their home at Sherbrooke. We work to achieve the best possible quality of life and provide the best and most sensitive physical, psychological, and spiritual care for the Elder and support for their family and friends. The TULIP (Together Understanding Life in Palliative Care) Committee meets quarterly to discuss issues and provide support.


Dental Care

At Sherbrooke Community Centre, we aim to offer the best care possible, and part of staying healthy is good oral health. Residents have access to dental care through the long term care oral health coordinator.


Cultural Supports

Sherbrooke is a diverse community of people of all ages, cultures, races, religions, sexual orientations, genders, socio-economic backgrounds, and abilities. Respect and dignity are core values and guide us in our relationships with all members.


Visitor Services

When celebrating a special occasion, Sherbrooke Community Centre can accommodate friends and family members by making them welcome in our home. There are several rooms available, at no charge, for special events.


Eden Alternative ® is a registered trademark, and Sherbrooke Community Centre is a registered Eden Alternative ® home. Learn more at


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