Memory Care

Consistent, permanent staff work in each neighbourhood, helping to nurture relationships with residents and families. Staff are trained to work with residents who may have altered responses to various situations as part of the dementia process, and act like detectives to understand unmet needs and how that might be creating fear, pain, or sadness.

We provide a stimulating environment for our residents living with dementia, offering participation in music, recreation, and occupational therapy groups, as well as opportunities to garden, bake, and attend spiritual services. Many of the memory care neighbourhoods have live-in animals including birds, cats, and dogs, and children come and play in the neighbourhoods, doing crafts and having fun with the residents.

Plants and gardening are an important part of life for many residents in these neighbourhoods, providing opportunities to connect with the earth, to plant flowers and watch plants grow, to smell scents from geraniums, tomatoes, and roses – scents that can still evoke memories.

Baking is another activity that can bring many pleasurable moments into the lives of residents. The smell of bread or cookies baking, the chance to get one’s hands in flour and dough, and the opportunity to make food that others can enjoy are important for self esteem, and create a more home-like atmosphere for everyone.

Residents enjoy secured garden areas in Reminiscent Way, and patio spaces on Paradise Cove and Prairie Lane, and there are regular neighbourhood meetings where families, residents, and staff are encouraged to participate in development of the community.

For Families – Communicating with success with your loved one.

Untie the Spirit

In this two-day course, participants learn how to “untie the spirits” of those living with dementia. The principles of the Eden Alternative ® provide a solid framework for reaching out to those whose “minds have changed.”

This course will teach you concepts from the best leaders in the field to help you adopt new and successful approaches. The course focuses on non-drug related interventions to improve quality of life for those who live with dementia and those who care for them.

This is a great course for anyone interested in culture change in long term care with a focus on caring for those with dementia. Whether you’re a senior leader, manager, or hands-on staff member, you will leave this course with a renewed energy for caring for those with dementia, and an appreciation for the importance of the work you do every day.

To learn more about this workshop, please visit the Learning Centre.


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