Education Opportunities

The Sherbrooke Learning Centre’s on-site, practical learning experiences are of particular interest to governments, health regions, long term care homes, and continuing care communities.¬†


A Culture of Excellence

By attending our one-day learning experience at Sherbrooke you will:

  • Learn how to develop a mission, vision, and set of values that will create a culture of excellence.
  • Learn how strategic planning can be used to identify opportunities for growth in your organization.
  • Develop your ability as a leader and manager to implement strategic plans and other change initiatives.
  • Learn how organizational culture change can take your organization to a whole new level.


Quality Improvement 

Through real life case studies and the use of our comprehensive tools and data, our two-day learning experience at Sherbrooke will teach you how to advance your organization’s quality improvement program initiatives, using:

  • Quality improvement indicators and indicators glossary
  • Tracking tools
  • Surveys
  • QI spreadsheets

Included with your package is a Quality Improvement Manual with all of the tools listed above, a computer disk, QI spreadsheets, and a copy of the book First, Break All The Rules.

The Sherbrooke Village Model

Our two-day learning experience at Sherbrooke will teach you about the unique design and operation of the Sherbrooke Village Model. You will learn about the key components of how to build a village, including:

  • Physical design
  • Staff roles
  • Managers roles
  • Job descriptions for the daily living assistants, quality of life managers, and staff support managers
  • Multi-skilling
  • Food services system
  • Intranet design
  • Medication Administration Course
  • Policies and procedures

Your package will include the Sherbrooke Village Model Manual with all of the information listed above, computer disk, and “It Takes a Village” video.



  • We have the following products available for sale:
  • The “It Takes a Village” video
  • The Sherbrooke Village Model Manual
  • The Sherbrooke Quality Improvement Manual
  • The Sherbrooke Human Resources Manual
  • Medication Administration Course
  • General Policy Manual
  • Resident Care Policy Manual
  • Support Services Policy Manual
  • All three policy manuals are available to purchase as a package
  • Tours (group of six maximum)


Pricing and Contact

In addition to the education opportunities listed above, we also offer tailor-made learning experiences.
Contact us for more information and pricing.


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