Meet Wilma

Meet Wilma

Wilma Heisler grew up in Wilke, Sask. When she married George 46 years ago, she moved to Unity, Sask., and then to Saskatoon in 1974. Before she retired, she worked as a baker’s assistant, and at the Bank of commerce. George retired eight years ago from his career as a press operator for various newspapers around the province. She and George have one son, Duane, and one grandson named Liam, who is an active two year old. Wilma has lived with MS for 39 years.

Wilma came to live at Sherbrooke in 2007. George comes every day to see her, and they love to walk all over Sherbrooke together. As a result, they know everyone, and they know everything that’s going on with the people in the community. They take part in many activities, including one of Wilma’s favourites, wine club. Wilma always has a smile for everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from.


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