Community Features

Shopping, caring for children and pets, creating art, eating great food, and tending a garden; all of these features contribute to making Sherbrooke Community Centre a vibrant place to live. We offer Residents many opportunities to work and express themselves, to get involved and stay active.

Tumbleweed Gift and Thrift Shop

A fun meeting place for everyone who spends time at Sherbrooke, the Tumbleweed Gift and Thrift Shop offers gift ware, house and yard décor items, women’s clothing and accessories, cards and books, as well as “new to you” items.


Oak Trees and Acorns Childcare Centre

Saskatchewan’s first intergenerational child care centre, the Oak Trees and Acorns Childcare Centre is open to infants, toddlers, and pre-school children. The centre provides a unique opportunity for children to interact with Elders, and in turn, they bring excitement and spontaneity to the community.


Art Studio

The Art Studio provides opportunities for artists at Sherbrooke – whether beginners or experienced practitioners – to express themselves, to give back to their community, and to engage fully in life, creating an environment for experimentation and self-expression.



Whether dining, gardening, or caring for an animal companion, life at Sherbrooke is full of rich experiences. At Sherbrooke, food is more than fuel for our bodies, gardening is a task that everyone can take on, and animal companions brighten our days.



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