Oak Trees & Acorns Child Care Centre

Children are an integral part of our community, and Sherbrooke has Saskatchewan’s first intergenerational child care centre.

The Oak Trees and Acorns Childcare Centre is government subsidized and is open to infants, toddlers, and pre-school children. The centre provides a unique opportunity for children to grow and develop through interaction with elders and individuals with both physical and cognitive challenges.

Developmentally appropriate programs and intergenerational opportunities are provided in Sherbrooke’s enriched environment. The children are integrally involved with various aspects of life at Sherbrooke and benefit from the Eden Alternative ® philosophy.

Children are involved in gardening, reading, and visiting with residents and Community Day Program participants. One of their favourite days is music and dance time with Wes, one of Sherbrooke’s talented musicians. The children bring spontaneity and companionship and many pleasurable moments to residents, staff, and families.

For more information please visit the Oak Trees and Acorns website!


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