Principles of Care

Animals run wild at Sherbrooke. Wandering the halls, you’ll find a vast array of dogs, cats and even birds. 

These principles guide all community members in the provision of care and service for residents and Community Day Program participants.

  • Individuality: Each person is embraced as an individual with unique abilities, characteristics, choices, needs, and opportunities for growth.
  • Normalcy: What is normal for a person is based on their unique life experiences, relationships, culture, and society.
  • Reality: Care, while based on individuality and normalcy, is practical, appropriate, and delivered within available resources.

Organizational Principles

These principles guide us in day to day operations and assist us in meeting the mission of Sherbrooke.

  • Continuous improvement: To gradually and constantly enhance all aspects of the organization.
  • Communication and feedback: To seek and provide information and exchange viewpoints so that good decisions can be made.
  • Accountability: To be answerable for one’s own actions and be responsible for the results of one’s efforts.
  • Respect, love, and kindness: To treat each member of the community with respect, dignity, love and kindness.
  • Empowerment and participation: To create an environment with opportunities to express personal values and passions in work.
  • Safety: To ensure one’s own safety and the safety of others.

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