Sherbrooke Neighbourhoods

Each neighbourhood at Sherbrooke is unique. Whether you’re visiting one of the neighbourhoods in the
Marleau/Wyant Residence, or the Kinsmen or Veterans villages, you’ll find the atmosphere to be warm
and friendly. Everyone is welcome!

Marleau/Wyant Neighbourhoods

There are four floors in the Marleau/Wyant Residence, each with two distinct neighbourhoods with 20 people living in each neighbourhood. The neighbourhoods are inclusive communities that support people of all abilities. Each neighbourhood has its own feel thanks to unique residents, staff and animals.


Kinsmen Village

Both the Kinsmen and Veterans Villages are examples of the Sherbrooke Village Model in action. If you visit Kinsmen Village at the corner of Poppy Lane and Telemiracle Way, you’re likely to see people laughing, playing pool, enjoying lunch or coffee at the picnic tables, and listening to music on the stereo.


Veterans Village

Veterans Village is home for veterans of Canada’s Armed Forces and civilians who could no longer live independently in the community. It is an inclusive community that supports people of all abilities.


Community Day Program

The Community Day Program brings individuals from outside of Sherbrooke to our community, giving
them a chance to socialize and take advantage of everything our home has to offer, enhancing quality
of life for Participants, and offering respite for their family members.



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