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When you donate to the Sherbrooke Foundation, you support Sherbrooke Community Centre and Central Haven Special Care Home, Veterans Village, the Community Day Program, and Kaleidoscope, the Sherbrooke Centre for Creativity.

Donations are focused on enhancing Resident quality of life. As stewards of donated funds, we pay particular attention to maximizing the donation so that it serves the greatest number of Residents. We also focus on the arts, and partnerships with local schools and programs that teach youth about community service and leadership.

Sherbrooke is an international centre of excellence, and your donations are essential in creating a human habitat that supports choice and creative living. No matter how you give – whether through pledges, gifts, planned giving, memorial donations, or grants – your help is essential to our operations.

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Foundation Disclaimer: In the event that circumstances make the specified use or administration of gifts no longer practical or desirable, the Sherbrooke Foundation Inc. would make changes in the use of gifts to maintain, as much as is reasonably possible, it’s spirit and general intent. All gifts are used to create a human habitat where residents can live full and abundant lives!

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