Volunteer at Sherbrooke and Central Haven

Volunteers are essential in providing Elders with friendships and opportunities that can alleviate loneliness, helplessness, and boredom.

Sherbrooke and Central Haven works with youth and adult volunteers, as well as youth groups and partnership schools, including Evan Hardy and Oskayak High Schools, and Father Robinson, College Park, St. Phillips, and Greystone Heights Elementary Schools. If you are interested in a partnership opportunity, please contact Christy Norrish, Manager of Volunteer and Community Engagement.

Volunteer opportunities (daytime, evenings and Saturdays) for both youth and adults include:
• Visiting
Java Music Club
• Baking
• Nail care
• Playing cards and games
• Saturday morning coffee social
• Community entertainment events
• Music with individuals or groups
• Assisting Elders with computers
• Helping in the art studio
• Helping with the greenhouse
• Playing bingo
• Playing wheelchair sports (soccer, tennis, curling)
• Trivia and Reminiscing groups
• Participating with exercise groups
• Movie nights

Adults can additionally volunteer with:
• Working in the Tumbleweed Gift Shop (3hr/shift)
• Pool program
• Wax therapy
• Sherbrooke Vitners (wine) club
• Excursions
• Meal assistance (breakfast, lunch or supper)


Potential volunteers can set up an appointment with either the adult or youth volunteer coordinator to explore options available for a volunteer experience that meets their needs.

All volunteers must fill out a Volunteer Application (see menu for Sherbrooke and Central Haven applications). Adult volunteers also require a Criminal Records Check with VS (CRC-VS). Once you have completed the Volunteer Application, an initial meeting will be setup with you by a Volunteer Coordinator. At this meeting, the Volunteer Coordinator will provide Adults with a letter of volunteer intent, to have the Criminal Records Check fee waived.

University of Saskatchewan and Sask Polytechnic students interested in practicum or internship experiences should contact Christy Norrish, Team Manager Volunteer Coordinator and Community Engagement.

Please contact a Volunteer Coordinator if you have any questions about volunteering!


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