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About Us

Sherbrooke Creative Arts provides Elders the means to create and exhibit their art at the Sherbrooke Gallery, community spaces, commercial galleries and artist-run centres.

Our artists include beginners and experienced practitioners. Elders do not need prior art making experience to access the studio. The studio is open to people living at Sherbrooke Community Centre or participating in the Community Day Program (CDP).

The studio is open five days a week and is facilitated by Alana Moore, our Artist-in-Residence, who is a professional working artist.

Our Philosophy

We recognize the value of diversity in artistic expression. Our artists have a wide range of skills and voices.

We focus on the individuality and unique strengths of each artist.

We are non-hierarchical: each member of the studio is equal.

We focus on self-determination and self-exploration. The Artist-in-Residence does not teach traditional, prescribed step-by-step art classes. Workshops are offered based on the interests of Elders.

We believe art reflects diversity. Art can be a forum for dialogue and exchange about diversity: from age, to disabilities, to ethnicities, cultures or religions. We promote values such as acceptance, fairness, and respect.

We value creating a space where Elders can develop close and meaningful relationships with each other, staff, volunteers, students and other artists. Elders are involved and invested in their art practice and the vision of the studio, creating a sense of belonging. Creative practices and personal relationships foster imagination, connection, and a strong sense of self.

Studio Arts Program

We provide workspace, workshops, and opportunities to explore a wide variety of media. Studio artists choose media and subject matter, and a professional artist is available to assist each studio artist to develop a meaningful arts practice.

Drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, fabric art, and new media are included in the studio and designed to meet the needs, choices, and preferences of each studio artist.

Exhibitions Program

Sherbrooke Creative Arts professionally exhibits artwork created by Elders. Exhibitions occur on a regular basis in our on-site gallery, artist of the month feature wall, off-site community spaces, commercial galleries and artist-run-centers. Exhibitions of artwork enhance the personal growth and professional esteem of studio artists, and aims to provide earned income through the sale of the their artwork.

Community Arts Program

Sherbrooke Creative Arts provides studio artists opportunities to visit Saskatoon museums, galleries, and local artists’ studios. Groups of approximately four to six studio artists are accompanied by the Artist-in-Residence, recreation staff, and volunteers to experience and participate in the Saskatoon arts community.

Guest Artist Workshop Program

On a regular basis, Sherbrooke Creative Arts hosts workshops taught by professional artists locally and nationally. Workshops are scheduled two to four times a year.

Intergenerational Art with the iGen Grade Six class

iGen is the Saskatoon Public Schools’ Grade Six program located in Sherbrooke Community Centre. Students have the opportunity to work with Elders as a class, in small groups, and one-on-one. Every week, a small group of students participates in the Art Studio Club. Age does not define who is an artist. Intergenerational collaboration can break down barriers and build belonging.

“Having had countless opportunities over the past three years to observe Elders engaged in the creative arts. I can personally attest to the precious creative and cultural resources that Elders pass on to the grade six students. Likewise, I’ve seen the joy, companionship, and spontaneity students share with Elders in return. It is evident that the arts provide a sense of community through the creative process and in turn, can disrupt stereotypes of aging.” – Alana Moore (Artist-in-Residence).


Sherbrooke’s Mobile Art Program, Insight, recognizes that Elders with dementia need to have an avenue for creativity.

Insight’s Artist-in-Residence, Bris Flanagan, works with Elders with dementia with a wooden cart filed with a variety of high quality art supplies. These supplies include Buddha Boards, watercolour, acrylic, inks, and clay.

Bris works one-on-one with Elders who have dementia, rather than in a class environment. Insight’s individualized approach helps to establish deeper relationships with Elders than a class environment can allow for.

When Bris is with an Elder, what doesn’t go down on the paper is as important as what does. Insight is beneficial whether an Elder picks up a brush or not. The goal of Insight is to help Elders with dementia to be supported, heard, and able to express themselves through creativity.

Sherbrooke Shutterbugs

The Sherbrooke Shutterbug photography club was started in 2012. Its ten members have a deep passion for everything photographic. Over the years we have accumulated adaptive tripods, two digital SLR’s, and a green screen.

Our club meets once a month to explore and learn together.  We do fun projects that help us grasp a solid understanding of aperture and shutter speeds along with basic posing, lighting, and composition.  Elders enjoy sharing stories of their personal journeys to becoming photographers.

Each of our club members has unique interests and ways that they use a camera. Our goal is to keep everyone expressing their unique selves artistically and sharing what the world looks like through their eyes.


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