Spirit of Sherbrooke and Central Haven

The Spirit Award commemorates the spirit and caring concern for both residents and co-workers. The award also has great significance for staff because a panel of their peers selects the award recipient.

Eligibility: The recipients must be employed by Sherbrooke and Central Haven for one year or longer. Members of leadership, the managers’ group, and committee members are not eligible.

Award criteria: The award shall be given to a person, who in the opinion of the committee, exemplifies the highest standards in the delivery of care to residents. In appraising the qualifications of those under consideration, priority shall be given to consistent caring service and leadership over the years rather than for a single contribution or achievement.

The award shall be in recognition of an individual who:

  1. Consistently applies the Eden Principles and Principles of Care in making decisions about overall quality resident care and services.
  2. Applies the highest standards when providing all types of service and resident care.
  3. Works co-operatively with co-workers and provides support and leadership in delivering quality care.
  4. Makes positive suggestions which may result in improved service and resident care.
  5. Supports the Eden Principles in eliminating the three plagues: Loneliness, helplessness, and boredom.

Winners of the Spirit Awards:

Sherbrooke Central Haven
2023 Carrie Hart 2023 Michelle Schaan
2022 Lauralee Emigh 2022 Nam Vuong
2021 Janine Possberg 2021 Elizabeth Clymer
2020 Deanna Harbidge 2020 Debbie Dochniak
2019 Shelly Vevang 2019 Sylviane Barclay
2018 Arlene (May) Abigania 2018 Melanie Walters
2017 Carol Setchell 2017 Mary Boechler
2016 Ramona Diederichs
2015 Terri Farough
2014 Rona Andreas
2013 Normand Gareau
2012 Candace Ukrainetz
2011 Kelly Salmon
2010 Daphne Meier
2009 Rene Rodriguez
2008 Ann Ralph
2007 Susan Hayward
2006 Rose Reiss
2005 Trevor Tokar
2004 Cecile Baier
2003 Wilma Tenkink
2002 Bonnie Hanishewski
2001 Margaret (Peggy) Roberts
2000 Neil Klebaum
1999 Audrey Yuzdepski
1998 Vivian Fraser
1998 Jennifer Carr
1997 Jan Charko
1996 Ruth Gosselin
1995 Mary Klassen
1994 Margaret Larden
1993 Mike Bracegirdle
1992 Marlene Farrell
1991 Don Grant

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