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There are several resources available at Sherbrooke about our centre. From documentaries to books to art installations, the centre has been an inspiration for many creative people. Contact us to learn more about the titles listed below.

A Year at Sherbrooke by Thomas Hale

This feature documentary follows artists Thelma Pepper and Jeff Nachtigall as they work with Residents. Thelma captures the Residents through portrait photography, and Jeff talks about his first year at Sherbrooke as artist-in-residence. The film explores how creativity can transform people’s lives.

It Takes a Village by Sherbrooke Community Centre

This informational video made at Sherbrooke Community Centre gives viewers a visual representation of life at the centre, painting a picture of who we are, and what we do to create a human habitat.

Untie the Spirit by Thelma Pepper

An exhibition of Thelma’s photographs showing the full and abundant life at Sherbrooke. In 2006, Thelma Pepper opened her touring exhibition at Sherbrooke, which visited many locations around Saskatchewan until 2009.

Human Touch: Portraits of Strength, Courage and Dignity by Thelma Pepper

Thelma Pepper’s 2011 publication features portraits spanning her career, including photos taken at Sherbrooke for her Untie the Spirit exhibition. Thelma’s book was short-listed for the Saskatchewan Book Awards’ Book of the Year.

The Insiders curated by Jeff Nachtigall

Former Sherbrooke artist-in-residence worked with Residents to create an exhibition of their work for the Mendel Art Gallery, which ran Sept. 7, 2007 to Jan. 6, 2008. In his curatorial statement, Jeff noted that through art, the participants found a new voice and became empowered.


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