Spiritual Care

The centre is grounded in the principles of Christian ethics and compassion, and guided by five sponsoring Christian churches: the Anglican, Mennonite, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, and United churches, which are all represented on the board of directors.

In addition to Christian worship, there are also opportunities for Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, and First Nations residents – among others – to celebrate their traditions and to practice their faith.

Spirituality involves the quest for meaning and purpose, which is central to our lives. At Sherbrooke, we believe that a person’s worth and dignity derives from the fact that all people are spiritual beings deserving of love and respect regardless of physical and/or mental challenges.

Chaplains and laypeople are an integral part of our multi-disciplinary care team, working with residents, Community Day Program participants, families, staff, and volunteers to establish a compassionate community in which God’s love is known and shared.

The Spiritual Centre/Chapel is the hub of spiritual care activities in the community. Regular and diverse worship services provided by a variety of denominations, as well as memorial services, spiritual education opportunities, and community events like weddings and anniversaries. Highlights each year include the celebration services of Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter, and the Blessing of the Animals.

Non-Christian services are also conducted, including sharing circles, memorial services in the tradition of First Nations’ spirituality, and sweet grass and other ceremonies conducted by Aboriginal elders. And Spiritual Care Week focuses on multi-faith celebrations reflecting the increasing cultural diversity of our resident population.

Sherbrooke recognizes that abundant life is dependent on a human habitat of spontaneity and variety, shared wisdom and love. Despite many personal losses, Sherbrooke is a place of much joy and laughter; a place where, with God’s guidance, spiritual healing can help overcome physical and mental challenges.

Here, elders experience personal wholeness in the midst of brokenness and access a loving community to assist in overcoming loneliness, boredom, and helplessness. We journey with individuals as they grow spiritually, function more effectively, build caring community, live abundantly, and die with dignity.


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