Moving In

People move in to Sherbrooke through the Saskatoon Health Region’s Client Patient Assessment Service. Respite care is also available for short term periods. About 35 people per year come to Sherbrooke for respite care, for anywhere from a few days to a month, depending on their circumstances.

To access long term care or respite care at Sherbrooke, contact Client/Patient Access Service (CPAS) for an assessment of care needs.

People move to Sherbrooke from the CPAS priority list. The length of the priority list varies at different times of the year, and the length of time spent on the list will depend on your particular circumstances.

To access long term care in the Veterans Village, veterans can contact Veterans Affairs Canada regarding service eligibility, as well as CPAS.

 If you are interested in visiting Sherbrooke prior to an assessment, please contact us.

Click here for our move in guide  – coming soon!


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