Mission / Vision

Sherbrooke will be a rich and diverse habitat where children, plants, and animals are a natural part of everyday life.

Sherbrooke will support quality of life and growth of each individual, and the Sherbrooke community as a whole. We will strive to provide each Resident with companionship, opportunities to give and receive care, and a diverse environment rich with spontaneity and variety.

The environment will support the health and well-being of employees. Sherbrooke will be an organization where staff can make a difference. We will support our staff as individual community members and encourage them to develop their strengths and passions in meeting our mission. Their work will be meaningful and rewarding.

Sherbrooke will fulfill its mission within an external environment that is shaped by the changing expectations of the public, limited resources, and a focus on primary prevention where consumers become partners in their own health care planning.

Inherent in this vision is a commitment to:

  • Community need
  • Quality of life through the Eden Alternative ® philosophy
  • Person-directed care and services
  • Supportive work environment
  • Education and research
  • Innovation and partnerships
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Leadership in the community

Principles of Care

Our principles of care and organizational principles guide all community members in the provision of care and service for Residents and Community Day Program Participants.


Core Directions

Our core directions include creating a healthy community whose foundation is love and kindness, that supports the highest quality of life for Residents and Community Day Program Participants, and that supports quality of work life for staff and volunteers.



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