Kinsmen Village

If you visit Kinsmen Village at the corner of Poppy Lane and Telemiracle Way, you’re likely to see people laughing, playing pool, enjoying lunch or coffee at the picnic tables, and listening to music on the stereo. You might see an artist drawing at one of the tables, or scooting into the studio to finish a painting, while others are sitting on the couch watching the world go by.

Kids from the daycare are playing in the internal street, and occasionally the big bike and a couple of riders roll by. Down the street is a fireplace and comfortable couches for visiting. The Kinsmen Village features many amenities, including the art studio, the aviary, craft room, pool, and shuffle board tables.

The multi-skilled staff in the village bring a sense of normalcy to everyday life, and are encouraged to build relationships with Residents. The environment lends itself to flexibility and intimacy, alleviating loneliness, and creating a strong sense of community.

The seven houses in Kinsmen Village have front doors with peaked roofs, mailboxes, and a bench for sitting. A story is posted by the mailbox about how each house got its name.

Both the Kinsmen and Veterans Villages are examples of the Sherbrooke Village Model in action. The village creates normal, liveable spaces for Residents. To learn more about the house style and supportive living arrangements in Kinsmen Village, please visit the Learning Centre.


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