Marleau/Wyant Neighborhoods

The neighbourhoods in the Marleau/Wyant Residence are traditional in style but have been decorated to create a more homey atmosphere.

There are four floors in the Marleau/Wyant Residence, each with two distinct neighbourhoods with 20 people living in each neighbourhood.

On the first floor, Reminiscent Way is home for residents living with dementia, and Treasure Garden is a mixed neighbourhood. On the second floor, both Prairie Lane and Paradise Cove are neighbourhoods for elders living with dementia.

On the third floor, Sunrise Boulevard and Bluebird Lane are neighbourhoods with a mix of residents, and on the fourth floor, Sunshine Lane and Varsity View are home for many of our active younger residents.

Each neighbourhood has a warm, cozy dining room with oak tables and chairs with coloured linens and cloth napkins. There are no trays on the tables as residents dine family-style. The living areas – with fireplaces and couches for relaxing, residential décor, and paint colours chosen by the people living in the neighbourhood – create a unique, colourful environment. The various neighbourhoods hang wonderful art created by the residents who live there.

Bedrooms are located off the hallways, providing privacy. The rooms have a sink and toilet, and large windows for lots of natural light. There are bathing rooms in all the neighbourhoods for showering and baths.

The first floor has an outside area, while the upper neighbourhoods each have a balcony. All neighbourhoods have quiet areas for visiting, and special family gatherings. Birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and special holidays are all celebrated in style with lots of family and friends. Neighbourhoods also have kitchens for making breakfast, baking, and small group events.

Resident-directed care and consistent staffing enables staff to build relationships and to know the residents well. The job of all staff is to help residents live the life they want to live, rather than to create a set routine. Neighbourhood managers ensure the elders have an advocate in directing their own care. The manager also promotes and helps to facilitate relationships among residents, families, and staff.

It is our job in the Marleau/Wyant Residence to be world makers for the residents and that is what you will see when you visit. Staff members including consistent care aides, nurses, therapists, spiritual care ministers, housekeepers, food services staff, and the community clerk all help to make life interesting. Pets and visiting children in the neighbourhoods are common, bringing excitement and spontaneity to resident’s lives.


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